General Activities:

A.I.I.M.B. coordinates also in cooperation with other Italian and International Technical and Scientific Organizations general and specialized activities in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Engineering within the structures of the National Health Services.

A.I.I.M.B. organizes Congresses, symposia, round tables on different topics regarding Biomedical Engineering.

A.I.I.M.B. participates in the Italian Group Sub-Committee 62D of the International Electrotechnical Commission for the standardization of medical equipments.

Prof. M. Bracale has been the Co-ordinator of Project TELEPLANS “Telemedicine for Citizens” supported by the European Commission DGXIII.

Prof. M. Bracale had been appointed by Italian Minister of Health as National Responsible of sub-project 4 “Telemedicine for the Emergency” within the G7 Project on Health Telematics.

Prof. M. Bracale is the coordinator of Clinical Engineering activities at Local Health Unit Napoli2 (Electrical safety of medical devices and risks’ evaluation plan).